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Asian blepharoplasty with iLid by IOPtima in Thailand.

Upper eyelid surgery is very popular in Asian countries, such as Thailand. The goal is not to reconstruct a Caucasian or “Western” eyelid, but rather to achieve a natural crease and fold that is commonly seen in the normal Asian anatomy and maintain their ethnicity.

Each patient has his own personal reasons to undergo an eyelid surgery. Some patients feel that a double eyelid or an upper eyelid crease gives the entire face a younger look. For some, eyelid surgery can make simple beauty routines easier, such as applying makeup, by removing the skin excess covering the eyelashes. Other patients may have a single, partial, or double fold on one eye and a different type of fold on the other eyelid and want a plastic surgery to improve symmetry…

At the Majestic Eye Clinic in Bangkok, the Asian blepharoplasty (i.e. creating a double eyelid) is performed by PHORNRAK SRIPHON, M.D., Ophthalmologist Certified Asian Blepharoplasty Surgeon.

Yes, by an ophthalmologist at her private eye clinic.

A variety of surgery techniques exists, the study’s results of using CO2 laser show that the laser reduces bruising after surgery and reduces surgery time compared to conventional techniques.

iLid CO2 laser Blepharoplasty has completely revolutionized the surgical experience of PHORNRAK SRIPHON, M.D. because the laser beam seals and coagulates the blood vessels during the operation and leads her to better predictable results.

Watch her video testimonial and the interview to learn more about the advantages for eye/ oculoplastic surgeons to perform iLid CO2 laser Blepharoplasty by IOPtima

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