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CLASS Road Show at Mexico

IOPtima started the collaboration with FB Eye Equipment in December 2019 and did a road show in Mexico to present CLASS with several events in Mexico to present CLASS and Blepharoplasty to physicians.

The First Stop was at Monterrey and the Oftalmolaser Center

The team visited Monterrey and presented CLASS during a dinner presentation gathered by 30 leading Glaucoma ophthalmologists from different clinics in the Monterrey region.
Dr Mario Riquelme spoke about his experience gained over the years.

The following day, Dr Riquelme and Dr Carreon performed 3 successful CLASS surgeries at the Oftalmolaser center de Monterrey.

Advanced course 2020 at the institute of ophthalmology in the Fundación  Conde de Valenciana

The event was organized by the Fundación Conde de Valenciana.
The program included a wide range of lectures in Glaucoma, presenting technology base solutions including CLASS.
IOPtima presented CLASS with live surgeries  performed by Dr. Mario Riquelme and Dr. Margo Bindel.
The event gathered more than 80 participants and was broadcasted live through different social media.

Dr. Bindel mentioned the benefit of CLASS to teach young surgeons because it is not only difficult to learn NPDS it is also very challenging to teach it. The use of the laser therefore is solving two of these barriers.

Blepharoplasty Training at the Fundación Conde de Valenciana

The physicians of the occuloplastic department of the Foundation Conde de Valenciana in Mexico had the opportunity to see the benefits of our system for blepharoplasty, called iLid.
The event started with a training presentation followed by a wet lab. The surgeries were performed by Dr. Alba and the residents of the Oculoplastic department on two patients, on both upper and lower eyelids.

If you want to arrange CLASS events, demo or live surgeries, please, contact your local representative or IOPtima team – contact us